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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Property in Lanzarote

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Property in Lanzarote

10 Reasons why you should buy Property in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the most popular Spanish Canary Islands and has long been the popular holiday destination and with its all-year-round sunny weather and stunning scenery, it is easy to see why people would fall in love with the island. There is no better place to buy property then in Lanzarote, it would be a pleasure for you and your family for years to come. In this blog, I am going to discuss the many reasons why you should buy property in the fabulous Lanzarote.

Sun All Year Round

Lanzarote’s greatest asset undoubtedly must be its climate. Its temperatures are stable throughout the year and it has a very consistent climate of all the Canary Islands. They rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius and there would be minimal rainfall too. It lies at the same altitude as Mexico and Florida sun. The island is the hottest in the months of July and August. It makes for the perfect holiday destination both winter and summer seasons.

Accessible to Home

Year in, year out, Lanzarote has become a very popular destination for holidaymakers. It is very accessible, it only takes 4 hours to reach the island making it the closest holiday destination to home. Flights are available with low-cost airline operators such as Ryanair and EasyJet.  Lanzarote is popular in the winter as it is in the summer.

Rental Investment

Lanzarote would be the ideal location for overseas investment due to its location and all year-round climate. By evidence and research, the island still attracts around 2 million holiday visitors every year even during the recession times.

Loyal Irish and British holidaymakers

The UK visitors to the island accounts for over 50% and when combined with the Irish visitors it is even greater. A lot of the holiday visitors are looking for people who speak their own language to secure a booking and they would also be looking for quality rental properties.

Part of the European Union

As been part of the European Union, it has never been easier to live or buy property there. If you are planning on buying property, there or relocating you do not require a visa or any paperwork either.


Lanzarote attracts millions of tourists to the island every year. Spain is the most popular place to visit on holidays. If you have never been to the Canary Islands before the lifestyle, cuisine, language, and customs are very familiar to them. It would make it the obvious choice for anyone who is looking to live, retire or buy property. By contrast parts of Spain and Europe, the season only lasts for a handful of months compared to Lanzarote.
More affordable
Buying property in Lanzarote now a day has become more affordable and kept its value better than other countries even during the recession times. However, it is not totally lower in value some prices are 10-15% lower prior to the recent crash in 2007/2008. Now that they have lowered it is probably the best time to buy property.

Better Life Balance

Anyone who would be considering giving their life a complete change and turnaround should seriously think and consider moving to Lanzarote. The climate in the Canary Islands is extensively known as the best in the world. The incredible climate creates the perfect setting for outdoor pursuits, all types of leisure activities and sports. This would mean everything would be incredibly cheaper for bills as you wouldn’t need to have your heating on, there is also a lot less crime. Lanzarote is the sweetest spot to live, more easy and simple lifestyle.

A Dynamic and Cosmopolitan Island

Lanzarote is surprisingly a cosmopolitan Island and a multi-cultural Island. Nearly 30% of the residents on the Island are a non-Spanish nationality. The average age of people living on the Island is mid 30’s. It is indeed a very dynamic country. There is no evidence and figures of the number of people born solely on the Island.

Amazing Beaches and Scenery

Lanzarote is an intriguing Island and if you have a love for nature it is the Island for you. The island contains some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches in the world. Much like the other Canary Islands, Lanzarote has a volcanic Origin. It is known and believed that the Island formed more than 15 million years ago following a volcanic eruption in the area. Is also has many world class beaches with glittering sand and perfect blue water.
Explore Lanzarote for the perfect Holiday. The sun shines most days, temperatures are hot all year round, and superb beaches and scenery. The island also has many attractions that are interesting to see. What more could anyone ask for? Take a trip to Lanzarote for the holiday of your dreams.
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