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Description of Services Provided

We're a specialist foreign exchange currency broker, bringing you cost-effective and secure ways of transferring your money abroad. Not only can you rely on us to offer you our best exchange rate, you can fix your rate for as long as you need to protect your costs.

Once you have committed to your property purchase in Lanzarote, the likelihood is you will need to pay a deposit. This is typically 10% of the asking price. Then the remaining balance will be due on completion, normally a few months later. Given this time difference between deposit and completion, fluctuating exchange rates will have an impact on your cost. For example, over a couple of weeks in the past sterling has lost over 3% in value against the euro. On a purchase of €150,000 the difference in cost is a whopping £5,000. Your currency dealer will offer you advice on all the options available and discuss whether it is appropriate to fix your exchange rate. That way your cost is secure regardless of what happens to exchange rates in the meantime. To get an Instant quote and see how much you could save, click the link below

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